Eco-School Successes in Northern Ireland

I’ve become increasingly interested in alternative schooling, particularly forest schools and in Germany, bushcraft style kindergarten. But it’s good to see mainstream school initiatives embracing ecological responsibility.

Eco Living in Action

Through the Enviroschools Programme, environmenal education is alive and well in many schools across New Zealand. In Otago, over 40% of all schools are now registered with the Enviroschools Programme where children are engaged in activities such as creating school gardens, having waste free lunch days, active transport to and from school, and stream care.

Likewise on the other side of the world in Northern Ireland, I am excited to find a similar scheme within schools; the Eco-Schools Programme – a programme that is now in 59 countries. In Northern Ireland, Eco-schools is operated by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful. What has the Eco-Schools Programme achieved here in Northern Ireland? In particular I am intrigued to find out how Northern Ireland has managed to have 100% of all its schools voluntarily register themselves as Eco-Schools! Its an amazing achievement.

On the 11th October 2016, I attended a Cluster Meeting for…

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