I Am Waiting


You stand in bare feet, the morning dew healing their calloused soles and washing them of your sins.  You feel the pleasure of the grass lightly tickling the skin between your toes.  They curl over the edge of the cliff.  The waves crash on the rocks below and the breeze catches your hair.  You dare to defy life, open up your arms and breathe in the energy of the world.  In that moment, you consider leaning forward to feel the rush of air, that spontaneous irreversible act where the face of death appears before you.

You step back.  It is not death you fear, but pain.

You enter the dark pool of nothingness that I present before you.  You lower yourself into the eternal silence, infinite and lightless space of nothingness.  And for that moment you feel it.  The merging of your atoms into the blanket of the universe and become, just for a moment, nothing.  It is a place of perfect safety.    You cannot be seen.  You cannot be heard.  You cannot be touched.  You will come again, to linger longer.

I am waiting.

You ask me for a guide: to know beyond the boundaries of the senses.  Dissatisfied by the comfort of the warm caress of the sand, the hypnogogic paintings that swirl before your eyes, skeletal and animal-like beings, kaleidoscopic colours, and the unearthly aromas you conjure in meditation, you walk instead, to the circle of stones.  You know me when we meet.  But how quickly I lose your trust.  What is it you fear when I give to you the guardians of the stones?    Is it their malevolence or your own?

You seek again, and you know where you must go.

I am waiting.


Inspired by Calen’s Sandbox Challenge No. 56  – based on books which encourage self-discovery, the second book challenge has just begun.  Why not join in?


Featured Image: Ring of Brodgar, Orkney



15 thoughts on “I Am Waiting

  1. I am late to the party here but loved this piece!
    Your picture is simply haunting to me in its beauty and I want to be there this very moment, with my warm coffee mug and enveloped in one of my sons’ warm hoodies.
    Likely a wee bit of commute from Canada, though, hey?

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    1. Haha, just a bit! I hear it is fashionable to be late, so welcome to the party 🙂 I’ve been quite lucky in my life to have lived close to several magical places like the Ring of Brodgar. Stone henges and neolithic tombs have been very much a part of my life. I think I’ve brought along a warm flask of tea though! And the hoodie is definitely a good idea.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I REALLY agree with Opher! OML! That was so mystical… It quite gave me chills. I like what you said: It is not death you fear, but pain. I so totally get that. But I can’t see the picture. I’m SO glad you jumped in. That was awesome. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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