Farewell my Manicure

I’m suffering pudding brain today.  It’s hormones.  It happens.  Having walked into town and back in a bit of a fog, I think it best, despite the sun, to not do anything adventurous on the bike. Thinking is also definitely out of the question.

I browsed the Knowledge Cooperative section of this blog and realised that I haven’t contributed to it in a while.  Taking time today to do so seems something the pudding brain might be able to handle.

For today’s addition to the co-op, let’s take a trip to Australia and meet blogger and vlogger, Julia Schafer.

Who is Julia Schafer?

Motivated by seeing how much food could be grown in a postage size garden, Julia set herself the task of seeing what is possible with two acres.  She quickly realised that nicely manicured nails and gardening don’t go together well.   Laughing to herself, the name of her blog was born.

Farewell My Manicure

Now, her project is well-established and she shares – in style- what she has learned.  Her content is highly accessible and there is something everyone can take from her hints, tips and experience, whether committed to permaculture or not.

“From sustainability to renovation, chook raising to cooking, gardening to decorating, I am an entertainer, entrepreneur, business owner, mother of one and wife looking to inspire, connect but mainly entertain.”  (Julia Schafer)

When I first stumbled across this lively entertainer, Julia had set a 21 day eco challenge.  Starting with confronting the waste you produce, to planting seeds while making use of your waste resources.  Since then, she has developed a TV show.  When watching, I feel like I did as a child watching Blue Peter’s how-to-make-something features and almost expect her to pull out the catch phrase: “Here’s one I made earlier.”

Lots of fun, informative and accessible, why not take a peek?  I feel sure you’ll be as hooked as I.

Farewell my Manicure

Farewell my Manicure TV






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