New Narratives

Old Narratives

We are embedded within a narrative that emphasises the importance of economic growth. It has formed the basis of political party dogma in the run up to elections.  The lack of economic growth achieved by a previous party in power would be denigrated by the opposition.  Evidence of improving economic growth makes the headlines of the achieving party’s soundbites.  The steps to ensure economic growth in the future are the foundation of party manifestos.  The manifesto may be lightly sprinkled with welfare provision if the party is a little left of centre. The mass media propagate this narrative.  Economic growth (EG) is the god of the system whose omnipresence is rarely questioned.

New Narratives

I like to feed my atheism with the narratives that are emerging in the background.  I recently discovered the Pachamama Alliance whose purpose is to change the narrative to which we’ve become so accustomed, we take it for granted.  It is a consciousness raising organisation, dedicated to supporting the rights of nature and indigenous populations in the Amazon.

I took part in their Awakening the Dreamer online course.  I don’t believe I learned anything new, but I like engaging in anything that helps me to reprogram the narrative.  I recommend it, as it is very professionally produced, helps you to step out of the story for a moment and to see and hear something refreshing.   It’s free, self-paced and only takes a couple of hours, depending on how deeply you engage with it.

I’ve just been orientated in to the Pachamama Alliance’s more intensive Game Changer course which entails greater interactivity with other course members (397 in this round).  The idea is to increase a commitment to change as part of a community of like-minded individuals, by signing into a suitable time slot where you conference with a team of 12 individuals.  There are also two live video community gatherings which the entire studentship attends.  The course commitment is about 3 hours per week for 7 weeks.  Free, but donations are very welcomed.  One of the draw backs is that the organisation is based in San Francisco, therefore PDT time.  I’m 8 hours ahead.  This means getting up at 1:30 am to join the live community gatherings, which is unlikely to happen.    The small group conferences however are far more flexible in times, and it was easy to sign up to a suitable slot.

I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into this one, though not sure what to expect.  I hope to take something proactive from it, even if it is a continuation of exploring new narratives for the future.


7 thoughts on “New Narratives

    1. I imagine myself back in the ancient past sporting toga, having grown a beard (otherwise I’d not have been allowed in) – then I realised you meant the OTHER Plato! I don’t seem to be following him, although I know I have read some of his posts – can you give me the link?

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    1. Sorry – you’re comment went to spam 😦 Have to keep checking from time to time. I’ve just got started, it’s a bit more meaty than I expected from the first course, so should get something out of it. I’m not going to do the two late nighters, as it will affect my working partner, but I do have the first of the small group conferences tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. So, no lost sleep!


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