Break in the Chain

A couple of weeks ago, we started a haiku chain, with the aim of closing it again at the 21st haiku.  This is how far we got:

Mountain of paper noodles,

earthworm fodder to

keep mycelium running

(Safar Fiertze…Blisters Bunions and Blarney)

running down life’s path

many trails beckon my heart;

which one leads to me

(Calen….Impromptu Promptlings)

me and the old oak

communicate silently

at one with the earth

(Jane…Making It Right)

earth a pearl of blue

hidden in the shell of space

the pearl is my home

(Raili…Souls Gifts)

home is a feeling

of comfort and belonging

I found it within

(Linda…Spiritual Dragonfly)

within my heart
there exists no boundaries
and no exclusions


It’s worth pursuing, don’t you think?  So, if you’d like to take part, add your name to the comments, even if you’d like to provide another link in the chain.

A reminder of how it works can be found in the post Haiku Chain.

Meanwhile, I nominate:

Debbie at Spaceship China, a place where you’re guaranteed to always learn something new.


Please note:  All Rights Reserved – the individual haiku authors reserve their own copyrights to this material.

Featured Image: Created using Blender, following this tutorial.



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