Only Ride as Fast as Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

While riding behind a rather battered blue fiesta, full of fluffy toys on the back shelf of the car, I read its stickered motto:

“Only drive as fast as your broom can fly.”

It makes me smile.  I’ve just rounded a bend and have misjudged it completely, take it a little too fast and find myself heading on a collision course with a white van on the opposite side of the road.  I think the driver looks as aghast as I do.  But survival instinct takes control, and I’m back on track without even stopping.

It isn’t a comfortable journey.  Although I gain control of the bike, progress from 40mph to 45, handle slip roads into dual carriageways I didn’t expect, and am generally pleased with my handling of the various situations that present, I’m in a state of general anxiety.  I am unfamiliar with the road, and decide to do a U-turn home.

It’s a good plan.   Except it isn’t possible on the road I’m on.  It leads me to a town I don’t want to be in.  The way I know is a difficult road to negotiate, meaning multiple lane crossings.

I proceed to find my way out of the town, taking left turns on minor roads and following my nose back to the road I was on.  Success! I have a smooth journey home in familiar surroundings until I get to the final roundabout.  I make a mistake which keeps me awake most of the night trying to figure out what I did wrong. I’m trying to turn left up a hill and the bike loses power.  I can’t overcome the problem quickly enough, so pull over.   I’m not in a good position and am a potential hazard on the road.

I’m home and we talk about guardian angels and how thankful we are they are working so hard.  I’m convinced that I have an army of guardian warriors.  I may have lost a few in my battles, but there’s a back up force.

Later that night, Verd is reading a biker biography and he quotes:

“Only ride as fast as your guardian angel can fly.”

To keep up with the flow of traffic, my warriors will have to shift from their destriers to coursers.

Image Credit: Dancer by Omonteon on DeviantArt


8 thoughts on “Only Ride as Fast as Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

    1. They are definitely from another era or plane. Thank you! Sun’s out, so going to brave the road again, but going on a trip without my more ambitious partner. Nothing that requires keeping up to speed limits more than 30 mph!


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