Are You Buying Into It?

If you abhor the exploitation of cheap labour, industrial damage to the environment, the depletion of valuable resources and wealth determining political policy, think about whether you are buying into it.

There are several theories of globalisation which locate power in the world differently.  Many argue that power lies with transnational corporations, but one suggests that power lies with the consumer.  The following two articles, illustrate the need for consumers to recognise their power to make a real change and difference.

And another wake up call is given in a Guardian article by George Monbiot:

Don’t buy into it!!

Buy local (Google Streetview image)

Featured image credit: Google Streetview image




4 thoughts on “Are You Buying Into It?

  1. That was Woody Harrelson! It’s so true what he said. But HOW do you convince folks of that? A few people doing it isn’t going to make a dent. As to the other article, hm… Sorry, but I gotta have a steak every now and then! 😀


    1. Btw, someone at church from our second service didn’t know me when I came into the sanctuary looking for someone. She asked me if I was lost. Without missing a heartbeat I turned to her and said, “Not all who wander are lost…” 😀 Then I felt so guilty about being a smart ass I had to tell her who I was looking for! LOL


    2. There’s a concept of the “critical mass”, where you don’t make a dent, but when a certain number of people making a change is reached, the critical mass, then it runs exponentially. The challenge is getting that critical mass.
      For me, it’s not the steak, but life without cheese, Oh my. (Insert newly learned expletive). I’ve tried. It didn’t last long.


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