Going Wild

The week started with sunshine and gradually it has moved toward a thick blanket of cloud and drizzle.  This is the portent for a few days camping in the wilds of Scotland.  Camping would never be the same without the rain.

The day commenced with preparations – two loaves of bread put in the oven, spelt and gluten free.  Meanwhile coleslaw, hummus and pesto were prepared and refrigerated.  Following this, oatcakes and a very lovely flapjack batch (if I do say so myself) were prepared and entered the oven after the bread came out.  Washing up, clothes washing and  a clean bathroom were part of this multi-tasking feat.

Take a break to learn how to use the new equipment we’d bought recently, including how to pitch the tent.  Good cup of tea accompanied with a flavoursome flapjack (if I do say so myself).  Stew simmers on the stove – thought it wise to have a hearty arrival meal prepared, it’s a 9 hour journey.

Taking the second of my breaks to let you know I’ll catch up with the haiku when back and hope to provide a feast of gorgeous photos of Scotland.


PS – flapjacks made with one GF oats, 2 bananas, 180g dates, 125g butter, 3 tbls homegrown honey, chopped hazelnuts, vanilla essence, mixed together, pressed into a greased tin, 25 mins at 175C.



3 thoughts on “Going Wild

  1. Pesto and Hummus – my favourites. I was recently in Genoa and had the most delicious Genovese pesto. Apparently the basil which is grown around Genoa has longer leaves, giving the local pesto its distinuishing flavour. Super yum.
    and this post I could see… for some reason, I couldnt read your earlier post on line.
    I am almost happy to be back in the land of VPNS and weird internet glitches. I mean after all, its simply HOME. 🙂

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