What happened to calm composure?

I’d like to apologise for inactivity in recent days and in the next couple of weeks.  The demands of being an A-level examiner are taking their toll.

The leave Europe aftermath is fast becoming a joke and I’m in a state of stunned disbelief and have gone from crying to laughing at the resultant mess.

It’s motorcycle theory test tomorrow and I fell off my spectacularly unblemished new bike yesterday.

Happy to report that no serious damage was done to either of us, and I got straight back on again and did what I was doing so I wouldn’t make the same mistake again (doing a U-turn on a slope and forgetting to release back brake when I needed to – ran out power, lost my balance and due to slope, bike overbalanced and I’m only a wee thing in comparison to it). I also discovered that I can’t get my toe under the gear shift lever and it needs to be adjusted.  As I can’t change gear, I can’t bring it back to the shop.  So, I’ll have to do it myself.

Thus, I look like a female version of Stressed Eric, and will report back when I’m able to breathe again.




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