Lady Justice

Born a Libran in the year of the Water Tiger.

The traits of one perhaps balance the traits of the other.  However, a trait could be exacerbated.  Dominated by the symbolic and allegorical figure that represents justice, a Libran tendency is to strive for balance and harmony – Lady Justice.  Diplomacy is characteristic, but so is spilling the beans.   Guard your secrets closely unless you want Libra to share them.

Not liking to upset anyone needlessly, Libra takes her time and thinks about what needs to be said when Lady Justice seems out of kilter.   However, the Tiger can be a tough judge, and while Lady J keeps her blindfold on to be as objective as possible, Tiger’s criticality can ruffle a few feathers.  Libra sulks in mortification knowing that Tiger has scratched someone’s ego.

Tiger can be charming and makes friends easily, but is very guarded.  It is the rare few with whom a deeper relationship is made.  Libra is more open and sociable, tempering Tiger’s inclination towards dominance.  The Libran Tiger hates being told what to do and would never have survived the workplace if she was in anything less than a leadership role.  As a leader, Lady Justice would listen and try to engage in the impossible task of meeting the needs of all.  But Tiger would support her moral compass and ensure that the job gets done – as long as it’s challenging.  If not, boredom ensues and the job might be left unfinished while the Tiger wanders off into the forest for some new adventure and Libra tries to persuade the cat to return to the beauty of the home she’s created.  Until she’s messed it up during a frenzied workout on the next imaginative scheme she’s dreamed up.

Libra’s lazy streak would see her develop into an indulgent blob on the couch as long as everything and everyone around her was beautiful.   If it wasn’t for her vanity, and Tiger’s dislike of materialism, she is motivated and highly competitive when it comes to something she values.  It helps to keep the body lean and the mind keen.  The Libran Tiger loves to learn and to excel.

Together they are a patient, and outwardly calm duo.  But as Libra doesn’t like to say no and the Tiger doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks, it can make for some inner conflict and stress.  Lady J will want to make amends, the Tiger will walk away, shrug and stalk some new adventure.

Tiger rolls her eyes at Libra’s romanticism.  Love motivates Libra, Tiger enjoys the thrill of passion.  Romance is a rollercoaster ride.  But it won’t last long, both are easily bored and would quickly dispense with you, albeit for different reasons.

Rarely ruffled, the Libran Tiger seems quite laid back.  But others are surprised by a sudden outburst of anger that swiftly rises to a violent pitch.  It’s short-lived, even though the eruption had been brewing for years.  Libra carries the guilt forever, Tiger shrugs it off knowing that she was right.

And what induces the Tiger to stretch out her claws?  Why Libra’s sense of injustice of course.


You may be the judge!


Written in response to The Sandbox Challenge 2, “Balance”, posed to us by Calensariel of Impromptu Promptlings.  If you’d like to join in – details are available here.


Disclaimer:  This is not to be taken as definitive knowledge on astrological profiles.  It is written as a whimsical look at the self through astrological reference.




7 thoughts on “Lady Justice

    1. I did take aspects of Libra and Tiger descriptions and applied them to how I can be. It’s therefore selective and, so in that sense – yes it fits – I think it’s a potentially potent and precarious mix!

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        1. You’ll have to start reading the Fiertzide tales – I’ve come to realise that in between moments of safety, most has been on the edge! But then you should read my post about edges in permaculture, where I decide the edge is good 🙂

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