The Sandbox Challenge 2

This time, Calansariel challenges us to look in the mirror and reflect upon what we see.


Have I lost weight?

Let me see…

Why aren’t those scales where they’re supposed to be?


Those eyes, so blue

Or are they grey?

Deceptive on this cloudy day.


Forehead creases

Stubborn they

Though you oft attempt to smooth away.


Little lines

About the eye

Is that a twinkle I do spy?


That baby tooth

Holding by a thread

One less sixpence the fairy left.


Freckles once,

Weatherbeaten now

My life is etched upon my brow.


I was never pretty,

Handsome yes,

A look that time has not yet undressed


I look at you

You gaze back at me

I  like the intelligence that I see.


All in all

You’re friend, not foe

We guard the paradox only we will know.







3 thoughts on “The Sandbox Challenge 2

  1. My life is etched upon my brow. Oh! I do so love this line. I have never minded that I’m starting to look like a road map! LOL You’re right. Our journey is written all over us! Wonderful piece!!! And SO glad you joined. I’m going to note it on this week’s challenge, too, so folks won’t miss it. Great job!!!


    1. Thanks Calensariel, after the initial fear of it, I found it fun. I’ve not been taking much notice of my reflection before now. Hope to tackle a couple more over the hols. It’s a great idea and thank you for sharing!


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