Postcards from Spain

I know, I know, it’s been an age since I’ve posted.  The longer nights and colder days inspire hibernation.   However, a few days in Spain broke the sleepy spell and these are the postcards from the trip.

Stepping from the car immediately excites the olfactory senses.  Jasmine, although late in its season still lingers in the air, joined by the honey scent of alyssum now invading any bare earth available.

Late summer jasmine infuses the air with its aroma.

Unlike the north of England where much of our vegetation is now leafless and browning, Andalusia looks much greener than the barren rock faces of the harsh summer months.  I believe a government grant has created a profusion of mango plantations, and lines of stakes now occupy the hillsides with plastic bags covering the new plants.  The region has turned into Mangoland.  The olive trees are laden, harvesting has begun and the almonds are shedding the fruits of their year’s labour.  Late blooms occupy the domination of prickly pears in the uncultivated areas.

Late blooming prickly pears

Gardens still display a varied palate of colour.




While other plants battle for space.


The sun, lower in the sky, casts a golden glow for much of the day until the haze shut it out of the way, making me see the coastline in black and white.

A favourite haunt for joggers
You’ve been framed!
Someone forgot to put out the fire


I’m wondering why I didn’t climb that rock? Probably because someone mentioned lunch!

Lunch is great with family and friends

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Spain

  1. Wow, I’m in Spain as you know, but never might do pictures like these. Curiously, this week I’m visiting compatriots of you in a British school here, and checking that my English is horrible.


    1. Thanks Samuel! Your English is far from horrible, and I’m sure that you will take some great photos in future. For every decent shot I take, there’s at least 10 bad. Keep at it, you learn as you go along. The light is good for photos at the moment, the sun being lower. You’ll get less harsh shadows and less washed out skies like you do in summer. Hope the visit goes well. Will reply to email in a couple of days – sorting out xmas at the moment.


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