Feel the Fear

How is it that you can retire and still not have enough time in the day?  I’ve never understood boredom.  There’s just so much to life, including the incredible wealth of learning to engage in.    Wordpress has taken a bit of a backseat to Blender the last couple of weeks.   Blender is an open-source programme for 2D and 3D art, design, modelling and animation.  It possibly does more.  I’m amazed by its capacity and the capability of many users that have mastered it.  It’s free!  I have an ambitious goal in mind and have wanted to get to grips with the programme for a while, but it always seemed daunting.

I’ve taken a few small steps and it is still daunting.  But now that I’ve managed to get past that restraint of fear, hopefully I’ll plod a little closer to the ambitious project.

On this theme, and in the absence of writing recently, I’d like to share a story I came across today, through the fortuitous occasion of a visit this way.  It’s a parable of victory over the enemy, which in this case, is fear.  I think it’s a good addition to Stories Speak.

A Wise Deer and Cowardly Tiger can be read here and has been written (or retold) by Dilipnaidu.


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