Second Steps

Dandelion SeedsIt was a beautiful day, so I pottered in the garden after a tiring run.  The songbirds kept up their chorus throughout the day; a wren and robin followed the pickings that I left behind me.  The air looked like a snowstorm of dandelion seeds as the breeze picked them up in a steady stream of repopulation.Dandelion I have twice promised pictures of the heritage seeds as they progress to full plants (and hopefully the dinner plate).  I have a macro lens that I love, so the opportunity of the diffusion of sunlight through the leaves of the trees was taken.  As you’ll see below, they are faring reasonably well.

I had potted nasturtiums, but they became waterlogged in the recent rains and became noticeably discoloured.  I solved the drainage issue by transplanting to a larger ceramic pot with plenty of outlets for future showers or downpours.  I think they’ll survive.   Corn leaves are a bit of a delicacy for something with a small appetite, but they are not lost yet.  I’ve put some eggshells around them.  Other varieties are healthy and even thriving, I picked up just one snail from near the borage and placed it out on the flags as a treat for the thrush later.

Coriandrum SativumTo the left is a coriander seedling.  The variety favours late seeding, meaning more prolific leaf growth during the season.  You’ll see the distinctive leaf shape is now developing. Coriander is a favourite addition to many of my vegetable dishes, so hoping for a good crop this year.

To the right is magenta magic orach.  Magenta Magic OrachThis will be a new addition to the diet if it develops.  I will be experimenting with how it is best added to a meal.  This is my favourite photo of the day.

Dill, borage and chard are also thriving.  (Dill below).Dill


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