Heritage Veggie Update

It’s been a while since I announced one of my new steps towards regenerative living.  The step was a response to researching the legality of growing and sharing heritage and heirloom varieties of seed.

Armed with several small plastic bags of different varieties of heritage seed, I proceeded to plant a few under cover in the earlier warm days of spring.  All varieties germinated, and although a small snail (perhaps) did help itself to a couple of the seedlings, they fared fairly well.  On realising that they are soon going to look very spindly and weak, I took the plunge and planted them out during the breezy sunny spells of yesterday.  Feeling a bit ham-fisted in my handling of the delicate plants, I was sure I was going to lose more than I’d save, so hesitantly, I stepped outside to inspect the damage.  To my amazement, some seem to have doubled in size, they are all looking strong and so far (touching all manner of native woods) slug and snail free.  Those thrushes are the very best of residents.

Hopefully I’ll get a few pics to illustrate, when the light is right.


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