The Knowledge Cooperative

One benefit of the internet is that it holds such a wealth of knowledge.  Unfortunately with the popularity of social media sites, it is experienced as a saturation of surface impressions, images and meaningless messages.  (I’m resisting a temptation to start rattling on about Jean Baudrillard, a postmodern philosopher who wrote about such things, but time and energy is a constraint this evening).   In this contemporary age, with a danger of losing a great deal of culturally diverse knowledge and insights, internet communities can aid their survival.


I read a personal account by Kim of Spiral Spun of her inner struggle to balance her sense of self with a culture at odds with her purpose.  I am reminded of the quote ‘To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man”.  (I think it was advice from a father to his son in Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It”).   I want to say, ‘You are not alone.’ I know that she is not.  I scrolled through to another blog post that caught my interest.  I love the practical advice that Freedomfarmtv regularly offers to the novice in permaculture.  I’ve been carefully hoarding their down-to-earth pragmatic knowledge and experience as I know that I will benefit from it when we design our own permaculture project.  In my second wordpress reading of the evening, FreedomFarmtv saved me a lot of research into perennial edibles by providing a very useful list to consider.

I’ve presented some basics in beekeeping which will turn into comprehensive online manual for the initiate.  I commenced this mission after coming across an accidental beekeeper.  She is learning through experience, succeeding at it, but with very little knowledge of bee colonies.  Another reader also asked about the causes of colony collapse disorder which became the topic of my previous post.

I’ve realised that I’ve become part of a “knowledge cooperative”, and been surprised how quickly this has grown.  It’s an exciting feeling to be part of a community of people with similar goals and aspirations and care about the world in the way that we do.  I hope I contribute as much as I gain.

Please check out my review of related blogs in “The Knowledge Cooperative”  and if you’d like to be included let me know!


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