Asura Honours a Most Loyal Servant

Dear Krabz,

I am writing to inform you that following a review of your performance the ruling on your continued employment has been fully logged and filed with the Department of Dismissal, Severence and Discharge.  It was deemed, under the Act of Constructive Commission (982 AD), Section A, exception 2(ii)a, that you are unfit for continued service to the realm.  The actions requested and unsuccessfully undertaken by you are hereby declared:

1.  On the date of third moon, Krabtz was deployed to the Elven city.  His mission was to pollute the Elven queen’s divining waters.  The Imp duly added lotus veritas to her divination bowl.  The Imp clearly lacked the skill of stealth necessary for the appointment of Sentinel and was duly challenged by a ranger.  In a state of seeming panic, the Imp, in order to arrest his interrogation, drank from the divination bowl, hence incurring the ingestion of the truth-telling properties of the Lotus.  The private plans of Pasithea and Her Eminence, etc. were hence revealed to the enemy.

2.  On the blue moon of the fourth rising, Krabtz was deployed to the Human City to feed misinformation to the townsfolk about the true father of their Queen’s unborn baby.  The purpose of the mission was explicitly stated as “to create discord between the townsfolk and the Bradach clan by inciting the fourth of the sins of Solomon: a jealous heart that devises wicked plots.” The resulting outcome of the Imp’s endeavour was ridicule, The Bradach are still singing songs about our Illustrious Emminence with the suggestion that her womb had been infested by repulsive human seed.

3. On the last day of the fifth moon, Krabtz was served with a final warning to prove his worth as Sentinel and commissioned to serve three missives.  The first to the Archmage of the Caemantarii, the second to Lue’iten, Shadow Elf and the third to Aoife, Bradach Ace.  The aforementioned imp proceeded to muddle the missives, resulting in a war that Pasithea would have lost, if it were not for the intervention of the White Wolves.

Your incompetence has raised questions as to your loyalty and whether you are indeed a traitor to the realm.  You will be aware of the penalties if such were found to be true.  However, I do recognise the loyalty of your intention and accept your apology.   I have also considered your request for the respect of the realm.   I have deemed it fitting to provide you with an honour as befits your service and duly summon you to court for a judicious ceremony in your honour.

Yours sincerely,

Her Illustrious Eminence, Asura the Adamant (The First)


The letter was duly sealed and handed to a trusted goblin bureaucrat.  The goblin awaits patiently for her orders, knowing well not to interrupt the devious thoughts of the demon Queen.  Finally, she uncurled her fingers to reveal the beauty of her talons, an expression of the inner workings of her duplicitous mind, and she pronounced her decision:

“Prepare for the Honour of Loyal Maladroit, and upon the closure of the ceremony, assign him to the Commission for Complaints.  His ineptitude will serve us well in that department.”

Asura extended her leathery wings and floated above her throne.  As the goblin shuffled off to undertake the dispatch, she disappeared in a vapour of abyssal quickening.


© Safar Fiertze, 2015 (includes image).

Based on the Day 14 challenge of Writing 101 – to write a post in the form of a letter.


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