Asura and the King’s Seals

Asura looks up from examining her talons and appraises Lord Rai intently as his gaze wanders around the lavish throne room to which he has been summoned.  She clicks her fingers to draw his attention back to her diminutive frame.  She was no less intimidating for her lack of size.

”I have missed your way with ink and parchment.  It is greatly needed – we have a whole new set of departments to establish as we seem to have acquired a king.”

Lord Rai is quick to appease her.  “The goblins are engaged in the implementation of the necessary amendments to law.  But the Chamber of Orderance fails to understand why the king would have need of two signatures, Your Eminence.”

“Three,” she corrects, “actually.”

“The goblins will enjoy the torture of the added complication.”  He comments. “Might I recommend a new faculty of forgery? I am correct in my assumption, Your Emminence, that the third signature is for your use only?”

“I am gratified by your return, Lord Rai.  The Interim had difficulty in understanding the nature of bureaucratic law.  You have a particular comprehension of my exigency.  The northern quarters of the fourth floor have been refurbished and should meet your requirements.  However, the department will need a more suitable name.”

“The Office for Reproductive Graphology?” He suggests.

“A little pretentious, don’t you think?  And still obvious.  An obscure abbreviation, like Repro ….. graphics perhaps?”

Lord Rai almost laughs at the irony of the queen’s concern with pretention, however, he quickly commands his reaction.  “It is a prudent choice, Reprographics.”

Asura looks satisfied.  “However, the King’s own seal should take precedence.  He will know that he has no proper authority until his stamp is in order.  He should not be held back from such matters as war simply because he lacks a seal.  There will need to be witnesses of course, the humans will insist upon assurance of its authenticity.”

Lord Rai inclines his head respectfully, “As you wish, Your Emminence.”

The queen stands and stretches out her wings, watching her chief of staff leave.  He appeared changed, more ingratiating than when he first worked for her.   She prunes the leathery texture of her bat-like pinion while she reviews the encounter.  Her long-taloned fingers beckon a goblin to approach.

“I wish to know if we can trust him.  He is of human blood, after all.  Request the services of Lue’iten, Sentinel of the shadow elves.”


Based on the Day 7 Writing 101 Challenge at the Blogging University.  The twist was dialogue, but my attempt at contrasting viewpoints meant that Lord Rai would have lost his life, and I wasn’t ready for that yet!  I don’t think I followed dialogue advice too closely either.  I feel the need to embellish the characters when they are talking.  Constructive critique welcome.


3 thoughts on “Asura and the King’s Seals

  1. Adding your spin on it really made it come to life. Embellishment is usually what captures the imagination. The guidelines and truth are necessary but totally flexible in fiction. Great read.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. It’s strange to read so much and yet know so little about how to write. The course has drawn my attention to a couple of things I wasn’t aware of. It’s been fun doing something a little bit different and with greater mindfulness.

      Liked by 1 person

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