In Search of a Lost World

Nick Robson posted a beautifully constructed documentary short by Spencer Cathcart.  It is visually inspiring and the issues raised have formed the basis for Blisters, Bunions and Blarney.  However, like many similar documentaries and literature, it fails to address solutions.  It urges us to make a change, but neglects to advise how.

Similarly, I wrote an article on the International Year of Soils (2015), which outlines the problem of the lack of sustainability of existing arable land.  The United Nations has outlined several potential solutions, but they are so vaguely proposed, that little would be achieved in terms of individual empowerment.  One of the facets of permaculture that I like, is that courses focus not on the problem, but on the solution.   Permaculture is best thought of as a verb denoting grass-roots political revolution.

This ‘Lost’ series is intended to present small steps that everyone can make towards regenerating our soils.  The first will focus on what can be achieved in your own backyard, the second will generate awareness of cooperative community developments in the UK that may inspire your own community initiative and the third will focus on soil regeneration internationally.

Readers are invited to comment and share links to their own posts about regenerative activity in their own backyard or neighbourhood.


This post was a response to the Day Four Writing 101 Challenge: Serially Lost, to write about a loss and to make it into a three-post series.


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