In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

As we are about to embark upon our dream, I took some time out yesterday to explore the possibilities of our vision.   One plan  is to spend from 6 months to a year visiting permaculture centres in countries with more sun than the north of England.  But the world is so vast!  Where to begin?

Via two work exchange sites, HelpX and WWOOF, I virtually travelled from Spain, a very realistic destination point for our intended permaculture project, to South America.  Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia offered some interesting opportunities and I became very enamoured.  Some projects included the possibility of involvement in community education, as well as learning about the practical side of permaculture.  I have a fascination with Myanmar (Burma), so looked for opportunities there, but found no hosts.  However, this did lead me to explore Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

I could have continued my exploration into the early hours of the morning, if it weren’t for the need to face 30 exuberant and eager young faces to start my day.

The vision will, of course, take more than an evening’s research.  Yesterday brought the realisation of the pleasure that will be involved in planning a viable journey for us.  It has been difficult, with the crazy work stress at the moment, to keep sight of the future.

I, for one, am very intrigued as to which of the places we decide to lay our hat ( or more probably, our compost toilet!). I hope you’ll enjoy following our explorations.


P.S. If you have done wwoofing yourself, will greatly appreciate hearing from you.  You may help me sift through the haystack of variable exchanges.


2 thoughts on “Where to begin, where to go?

  1. I thought you were decided to go to South America, didn’t know you are pondering other possibilities. Anyway, it’s great to follow a dream like yours, all the best for your vision!


    1. Oh yes, we did make that decision, but as plans must, the initial part did not materialise as we hoped. Some chance conversations have made us look a little more broadly. It’s still a strong number 1 though. Peru is likely to be the first destination.


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