A “blog about climate change, human rights, sustainability and energy security”

The most outstanding feature of Nick Robson’s blog is its informed professionalism.  Eloquent in style, Nick provides in-depth and thought-provoking responses to the pertinent issues of the 21st century world.  Writing from the perspective of someone who has considerable expertise and experience in global security, and the environmental, political, social and economic challenges for interdependent states, I always feel like I have learned something new.  As he says in his article, ‘A Thirsty, Violent World’:

They say you learn something new everyday. For me, this day qualifies.” (Robson, 2014)

When I read Nick’s blog posts, the sentiment is mirrored.  Additionally, you will find a growing collection of references to unparalleled work by other bloggers.  Guaranteed to be a valuable resource for practical responses at both local and global level, Nick Robson’s blog is a priority in my Reader list.

Highly recommended!


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