Featured Image: “Raven Contemplating the Universe” by Doug Brown

Raven-for-webRaven Photo by Atli Harðarson


13 thoughts on “Raven

    1. Oh wow, thank you Laura. I think I was helped by a lifetime fascination with them, and know every myth there is to know about them and am now reading some serious scientific research about ravens on my iPad. It was the only choice really, although wolves, tigers and deer would have been close behind (for some reason I think that all can live peaceably, and I’ve not yet been sectioned or considered certifiable).

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    1. One would like to believe so, but I think that creatively non-focused is somewhat more accurate rather than any real talent. Interestingly, when I say I’m a teacher, everyone, and I mean everyone, first assumes art teacher.
      I think I’m artistic in very non-conventional ways – but then so was van Gogh.

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