Animalists between the Concrete

Ode to an earthworm
As it is my intention, when I’ve finished the permaculture principles series, to ‘talk dirty’ and focus attention on the international year of soils, I’ve included La Floralie’s concrete poem about the humble earthworm here.  The earthworm plays an important role in soil building, and I’ve witnessed first hand, what miracles come of the earthworm’s labour.

la floralie



with undertaker features

which wriggle and burrow

with their tubes of elastic to mash

and melt oldest plant plastic soft

workings with hard machination

waste and dead bodies

they eat the most squalid


Blind thieves whose underground struggle earns title

Kings of the Soil  will squirm their best for the Earth

and grandest crowns of emerald beauty whose glisten

is nothing without the giant Unseen


Forms of the lowly, the lonely, the slimiest

these creatures from darkness


from the


the most



Eaters of Germs

Those creeping and crawling

but constant hardworking

the humble

in service









 20150215_170936 20150219_171446 20150219_171628_5

A Spring…

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8 thoughts on “Animalists between the Concrete

    1. Sorry Karl, it’s taken so long for me to reply! Anyway, I totally agree, but interested to know if you know anything about termites? In more arid climates they seem to perform a similar function. The first reference I found was in the documentary ‘The Man Who Stopped the Desert”, the story about Yacouba Sawadogo’s regeneration of parts of the Sahel (belt). As I’m not quite sure where I’m going to end up, I have wondered about substitutes for the miracles of the earthworm’s role in nature (as I have observed it). Another thing I’d like to ask you too, is how versed are you in mycology (either from a theoretic or practical point of view)?


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