Obsidian stone

does moonlight make of water’s




11 thoughts on “Glass

  1. I love the long syllable words you’ve used. I’m a very wordy writer, so Haiku was difficult for me, and I did think of perhaps using all my syllable allowance in one word, but I couldn’t get it to work, yet yours does, it gives the last word a bigger stage somehow.

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    1. Thank you Laura, it’s good feedback. I found one syllable words as a guide produced something quite childish. I’m wordy by nature, so it came more naturally. I tried it with the Limerick challenge today, again, I felt it created something with more substance and akin to my thinking. Unfortunately, my techno-clumsiness made me lose it entirely and couldn’t reproduce it.. took me ages too!

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      1. Oh no, I hate it when something like that happens, what a pain. I see what you mean completely, and I struggled with the rhythm of the limerick because I thought it made my attempts sound very childish… poetry is certainly testing!


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