Just for Fun

As at least ONE of you is very much aware, Safar never was an ordinary person, having been accidentally born in a virtual dimension.  So as much as she is now firmly grounded in the realities of a different sort of revolution, she hasn’t forgotten the importance of play.  Have you noticed how adult play is regulated by rules? In fact, I used to impose them.  It isn’t good for anyone.  Perhaps we should have a debate about it one day soon?

Sooooo… as I am, to an extent, inspired by Charles Fourier’s thinking, particularly his ideas that play is an essential part of communal living, because I believe that stories are an overlooked aspect of creating a permanent culture, and because I am aware that many of my posts are  a little intense, I want to show you a different perspective (I am capable of many).


11 thoughts on “Just for Fun

      1. It is a shame that my online time is scarce lately, as I said you, only in my home during weekends. It would be fun to remind old times in those virtual dimensions. I’ll not can take part as character, but at least I’ll be spectator.


          1. Indeed! I was raised from inception on stories of the Celebration. The fate of The Great Dulanth has long been used as an example cited in eLFonian training and during mission briefings. There were only two Almanacs that survived {whispering} the raids. My family had one copy and the other copy was taken during {whispering} the raids. Its whereabouts has remained a mystery ever since.


          2. I am indeed starting to think we are related. I am finding traces of a common thread and perhaps a once shared existence on the pages of social media. One such ancestral link recently discovered is Elfriede Fiertze. Strange coincidence? Hmmm.


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