The eLFonian

Every now and again, I stumble across something surprisingly delightful.  I met eLFy at the Blogging University, Course 101 and I found myself awaiting insight into the world through eLFonian eyes with a curious anticipation.  Quirky in nature and style, the world of the eLFonians is revealed through art, poetry, mathematics and the occasional visit to the eLFonian archives.  What is more, eLFy invites you to collaborate with him on his quest.

If you’re wondering why I’ve added this recommendation to a selection of permacultural resources, I have been thinking a great deal about what a permanent culture entails, and what better stimulation than to explore evolving perspectives in addition to the words of old?


6 thoughts on “The eLFonian

  1. Reblogged this on The eLFonian and commented:

    The eLFonian is humbled and honoured to be considered the topic of a fellow traveller. It is with great pleasure that Safar Fiertz is reblogged to appear on the pages of The eLFonian as your attention is drawn to the fine effort of this author who is in bringing to the fore the subject of Permaculture, a very important issue given the way this planet is being treated. Visit Safar to read her well-structured thoughts and ideas on this ever increasing area of global concern.


  2. I needed an excuse to go see the doctor about the procedure. I’ve been feeling very sensitive lately, breaking out in tears and desiring foods that I would never consider eating in mixed company. So thank you, I think? 🙂


  3. I am surprisingly delighted by your post and reference to The eLFonian for which I must say, thank you for your kindness. I knew a permacultural perspective can provide people with possibilities for permanence of this planet but I never expected it to lead to such an acknowledgement. Was it the suggestion of a shovel that caused your consideration? Irrespective, thank you for the ‘ping’ which provided a light tingle of enjoyment on a dull and boring eLFonian afternoon.
    Oh! One minor point I suppose, not that it’s important in Cyberspace where “no one can hear you scream” nor see your gender but, through your post, you have alerted me to something which I was not aware of. I didn’t think I came across as a female even though I did accidentally venture into a female toilet once only to be chased out by some very angry eLFettes. I did have an eLFectomy recently. Perhaps the doctors forgot to tell me about the sex change operation while under anaesthetic. They tend to do things like that on eLFonia. 🙂


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