It was a little warmer yesterday, I think about 8°C.  Hence signs of bee activity.

One thing to be said of bees, is that they are very good housekeepers.  They periodically engage in a clear out, and we often witness the removal of dead corpses from the hive.  It may sound morbid, but it’s a heart-warming sight to see at this time of the year, as it suggests that the colony is surviving the winter enough to dispose of the aged, or perhaps diseased.  What was more uplifting, is that the ‘spring’ clean did not produce as many bodies as the last signs of life from the hive.  I’m feeling hopeful they’ll make it through.


6 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I often try to help the undertaker bees when I see them dragging a dead body from the hive, by picking up the dead bee and neatly disposing of the corpse in my smoker. The undertaker usually seems quite appreciative of this and goes about other housekeeping tasks in the hive.


    1. Interesting, I never really thought to intervene, mainly as the garden birds seem to like assisting. Over the weekend, I watched three blue tits picking up hive litter, and one got brave enough to poke it’s beak into the hive entrance. It didn’t hang around there for long though! Bullfinches, which usually keep their distance from us, are also taking advantage of the occasional offering, now that food supplies are winter low. It’s delightful to watch the cohabitative interactions.

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