The Good Life

I first discovered Roz and Phil’s site through Roz’s participation in the Blogging 101 course.  Entiltled, “Small spaces and the good life with Roz and Phil Hill”, it is a personal account of their experience of ‘off grid projects, self sufficiency, organic veg, crafts, chickens, photos and watching trees grow!’

They take a light-humoured approach to sharing the trials and tribulations of small-holding management, and invite you to celebrate their small successes with them.  Even if you are not particularly interested in the lifestyle, you’ll enjoy the heart-felt and warming account of alternative living.


2 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. Wow! I am really honoured! I had an assignment to write and it took most of the day to write my post. Could be we were sidetracked when we started browsing through canal boat photos. Too much nostalgia! Giving us this promotion makes it all worth while. Thankyou. ROZ 💚🇬🇧


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